Quick Guide

Serve local directory

This is a typical usage example:

from cofan import *
import pathlib

#assume we want to share files from `~/Videos` directory

#lets make an http file browser and share our videos

#first, we specify the icons used in the file browser
#you can omit the theme. it defaults to `humanity`. This theme is supplied
#with `cofan`.
icons = Iconer(theme='humanity')

#now we create a Filer and specify the path we want to serve
vid = Filer(pathlib.Path.home() / 'Videos', iconer=icons)

#now we need to give prefixes to our website
#we create a patterner
patterns = Patterner()

#then we add the iconer and filer with their prefixes

#first, we need to add our iconer
#we should have told the iconer about its prefix but we did not. by default
#it assumes `__icons__`
#make sure to add a trailing slash
patterns.add('__icons__/', icons)

#now we add our filer as the root url
patterns.add('', vid)

#now we create our handler like in http.server. we give it our patterner
handler = BaseHandler(patterns)

#and create our server like in http.server
srv = CofanServer(('localhost', 8000), handler)

#and serve forever

#now try to open your browser on http://localhost:8000/

As a main python script

This module can also be run as a main python script to serve files from a directory.

commandline syntax:

python -m cofan.py [-a <addr>] [<root>]


  • -a <addr>, –addr <addr>: specify the address and port to bind to. <addr> should be in the form <ip>:<port> where <ip> is the ip address and <port> is the tcp port. defaults to localhost:8000.


  • root: The root directory to serve. Defaults to the current directory.

Further readings

In Serving a Local Directory you can a the more detailed cofan tutorial. In cofan Reference you will find the library reference.