The major requirement of cofan is python 3. cofan is a python 3 library and was never tested in python 2. So first make sure your version of python is 3.

Furthermore, cofan requires fileslice python library. It will be installed automatically if you use pip to install cofan.


Make sure you have pip for python 3 installed.

On windows install using pip by running the command:

pip install cofan

Or on linux:

pip3 install cofan

Of course, pip command should be in your PATH environment variable. If you are using windows there is a good chance pip is not in your PATH. In this case you should specify the full pip path. Search about how to use pip on windows if you are having trouble.

Try to import cofan to be sure it was installed successfully:

>>> import cofan

If it is imported without errors, you are ready to use it. You may want to have a look at one or more of the following documents:

  • Quick Guide For those who want short and quick highlights and usage example.
  • Serving a Local Directory This is the start of the library tutorial. It shows different library features.
  • cofan Reference This is the library reference. All classes and functions documentation is here.