Other Features

We have highlighted the main features of cofan. In this lesson, we will have a quick look on the other classes in the library.


The Statuser provider is used to respond to requests with a constant status code. Below is an example of how to create a Statuser object which always replies with 404 Not Found status code:

not_found = Statuser(http.HTTPStatus.NOT_FOUND)


The IPPatterner provider is used to respond differently based on the ip client address. It is similar to the Patterner but it matches the beginning of the client ip address instead of the url. The prefix is a regular expression string. Below is an example of how to create an IPPatterner object which always forwards requests to a filer only if the IP address of the client is in the local network (that is 192.168.1.xxx):

filer = Filer('/home/user/Videos/')
ippatterner = IPPatterner()
#add a pattern
ippatterner.add('192[.]168[.]1[.]', filer)

If the client address does not start with any added regular expression, the client gets a 401 UNAUTHORIZED response.


The JFiler provider is the same as the Filer provider except it serves directory content as a JSON object and it does not redirect to index.html even if it is in a requested directory. Obviously it does not take any iconer. Below is an example of creating a JFiler:

jfiler = JFiler('/home/user/Videos/')